Field Trip to Decathlon

Field Trip to Decathlon:

Field Trip to Decathlon


Pre-primary section


The field trip to Decathlon was a remarkable experience, a coalescence of education and fun in a single outing.

It provided us with an in-depth understanding of sports equipment, encouraged us to explore different sports, and inspired us to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

The interactive activities and interactions added immense value to the trip. We returned to school with cherished memories, newfound knowledge, and a deeper appreciation for the world of sports and fitness.

Conjoining the Islamic point of view, Aqa Moula TUS always emphasizes physical fitness and being healthy.


As the saying goes,"SPORT IS A PRESERVER OF HEALTH."

We must adopt a healthy lifestyle and MSB encourages its to do so.

  • Centre:MSB Bangalore
  • Date:25 Aug,2023

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