Cultural Program Report

Cultural Program Report:

The Board of Education had organized a cultural programme for all the students from South Bangalore.


MSB Bangalore participated in two competitions: Drawing and Arabic recitation.

1)Drawing Competition:

Participants was given a theme to express their creativity, and they delivered remarkable artwork.

A diverse range of themes, from nature's beauty to abstract concepts allowed the students to explore their artistic abilities.

Judges comprising of art teachers and local artists had a tough time selecting the winners due to the prime quality of the entries.

Prizes were awarded to the top three participants in each category, encouraging healthy competition.


Our student *Sarrah Shakir* of Std VII got the 1st prize in the drawing competition.


Simultaneously, there was an Arabic recitation competition.

This segment celebrated the linguistic prowess of our students, showcasing their proficiency in the Arabic language.

Our students eloquently recited the Surah from the Quran e Majeed.

Students also demonstrated exceptional fluency, pronunciation, and understanding of the Arabic literature.

The audience was captivated by the emotional depth and expressiveness of the recitations.

Guest judges, including Arabic language experts, provided valuable feedback and encouragement to the participants.


Our student *Mohammed Dalal*  from class 9 got the 1st prize in the senior category and *Burhanuddin Jamali* from class 6 got the 2nd prize in the junior category.


The cultural program was a resounding success, celebrating both the artistic and linguistic talents within our school community.

It provided a platform for students to express themselves creatively and linguistically, fostering a spirit of appreciation for art and culture.


MSB Bangalore extends its gratitude to all the participants and volunteers who contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to more such enriching cultural programs in the future.

  • Centre:MSB Bangalore
  • Date:08 Sep,2023

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