Bagless Day

Bagless Day:


On the first Bagless Day, students of MSB Bangalore broke free from the confines of heavy textbooks and embarked on an educational adventure like no other. The students were relieved from the burden of  heavy bags, and their learning journey took an exciting turn.


Classrooms transformed into vibrant spaces of curiosity and creativity. Instead of flipping through pages, students dove headfirst into hands-on experiences, discussions, and exploration. Nature played a significant role during the day, with outdoor classrooms bringing students closer to the world around them.


Students got an insight into the world of strategic and fun board games to explore in their leisure time, rather than be engrossed in their screens. They played board games with their classmates in groups and had a fun time.


Through this Bagless Day, MSB Bangalore emphasized to students that education extends beyond the confines of traditional textbooks and there are various ways one can learn. This strategy of learning will be a regular feature in the days to come.


  • Centre:MSB Bangalore
  • Date:08 Sep,2023

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