World of Robotics and Circuit Design

World of Robotics and Circuit Design:

Exploring the World of Robotics and Circuit Design! Our brilliant young minds at MSB Bangalore in grade 3 to grade 7 are taking hands-on learning to the next level! From understanding the mechanics of everyday objects to creating motorized wonders, they're diving deep into the world of circuits and robotics.


Grade 3: Discovering the magic of switches, buttons, and circuits with robotics kits!

Grade 4: Building a Giant Wheel project, just like the ones at fairs!

Grade 5: Exploring flour mills and power pounding machines in action!

Grade 6: Creating a waving robot that mimics human-like tasks!

Grade 7: Unraveling the secrets behind motorized structures like lifting scissors!


These young innovators are not just learning theories; they're EXPERIENCING the thrill of discovery and creativity! Who knows what groundbreaking inventions they'll come up with next?

  • Centre:MSB Bangalore
  • Date:03 Nov,2023

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